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A Life Skills Mentor, Reconnective Healing Foundational and Reconnection Certified Practitioner test

BHAIRAVI TUSHAR MEHTA is a Life Skills Mentor, Reconnective Healing Foundational and Reconnection Certified Practitioner. Academically she is an Environment Engineer. She is into alternative wellness since the 2007. She has studied many healing modalities like Chakra Healing, Integrated Healing, Thetha Healing, Intuitive Anatomy, Foreign Energy Dynamics, Hypnotherapy and many more.

Since 2010 once she explored the Reconnective Healing Frequencies she has seen miraculous results. She is also a Teaching Assistant on DR. Eric Pearl’s Team who is the founder of the work. Academically she is Environmental Engineer and further in Life her journey was inclined towards spiritual wellness. In her own practice, she has witnessed healings in Cancer, Coma, Epilepsy, Migraine, Spinal Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Panic Attack, Depression and many more.

She has traveled to many places in the world like Hamburg, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Rimini, Salzburg, London, Istanbul, Sydney, Bologna, Dubai along with Dr. Eric Pearl as Teaching Assitant on the Trainings. She also Mentors the existing Reconnective Healing Practitioners. She has promoted the Training of Reconnective Healing® In Mumbai and Dubai. She is the Leader for Reconnective Healing® in India where she teaches The O.N.E. Experience. The Catalyst and The Evolution Trainings in India.

She is also a member of BNI Chapter in Mumbai and is a Director consultant of BNI Mumbai West. In Personal Life she is married to a very supportive husband and her very reason to come into this field TUSHAR MEHTA and she is a mother to two beautiful children Ayushi and DEV.

She is highly gifted with psychic abilities and clairvoyance. Bhairavi believes in spreading the awareness of Reconnective Healing® and how it can help to enhance and enjoy our very existence on this planet. Hence she does free consults of 30 mins to help you know the work and choose to move towards Life Progress!!