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Mediumship & Intuitive Reading Sessions

Being A Medium
A Medium is someone who communicates with those who’ve passed over.  The Medium passed messages between the lost Soul and the loved one in the Physical form. They pass on memories and messages using psychic faculties of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, & Clairsentience amongst others. The Medium is a conduit, a channel, someone who offers their mind, energy field, and their time to facilitate healing and a virtual reunion of souls.

What Is The Purpose Of Mediumship?
The purpose of the Mediumship is to bring a closure where in many cases it doesn’t happen due to sudden death or if the person has not been able to communicate due to the illness. Souls are eternal & not bound by earthly rules. The eternal power of love keeps you connected long after you think you lose someone. The Medium’s task is to pass on messages, memories and evidence of their life to you so both get a chance to heal.

The real purpose of mediumship is healing as you reconnect and have another chance to be together beyond time and space.

Intuitive Reading
Everyone has a quest of what is going to happen or what is right whether they are on the correct path and lots more. Intuitive guidance provides you an overview of what your energies are reciprocating of your thought pattern and your mind set and then helps you bring to your awareness what is coming up your way with that vibration. Ultimately the purpose is help a person programme himself and operate from a vibration which is empowering and help them manifest their Dreams into reality.